About Us


Godo Intergroup

Godo Inter Group Co.,Ltd was established since 1997, who is the distributing agent of carton boxes machines. The company is the distributing agents more than 30 companies. Because of this reason, the company become the leader of carton boxes machinery supplier and services in Thailand. Our office located around Bangkok and Nonthaburi districts, customers willing to visit our warehouse are welcomed. The company provide clients with all type of carton boxes packaging machinery with automatic printer slotter, automatic printer in-line, automatic die cutter, semi-automatic die cutter, semi-automatic gluer, semi-automatic stitcher, and etc. These products are fully qualified and serviced.

The vision of the company is to be the best partner for solutions and services in packaging industrial. The company does not only be the distributor for various boxes machinery, but also be the provider for services to customers for long term maintenance.